Cervical Cancer and the Colposcope

Cervical cancer is something that you should take very seriously. It is a condition that is transmitted during sexual intercourse and any woman who has had sexual partners, or who uses oral contraceptives, may be prone to having this potentially life-threatening condition. There is a vaccine that can be given to teenaged girls which helps to prevent the most common type of cervical cancer, but it is not something that adult women can be given, which leaves thousands of women a year to have to undergo a screening for cervical cancer.

Women who have inflammation in the cervix will be given a colposcopy test. This is when a colposcope lens is placed inside of a woman so that the doctors can magnify the cervix and surrounding area in order to help get a good biopsy so that they can definitively deduce if a woman has cervical cancer or not. When it pertains to cervical cancer, a colposcopy can help to detect the condition early which can lead to better treatment. With early treatment comes the ability to win the battle against this type of cancer, which is why it is vital that all women undergo a routine checkup at least once a year.

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