More on Electrosurgery

Modern medicine is a wonder, and has changed the way that we do things today. Many years ago, surgery was a very dangerous thing, not only due to anesthesia, but because of the risk of heavy bleeding. Many times patients would bleed out before the surgeons were able to fix whatever problem they had cut the body to fix. Now, however, that has all changed. It was discovered, many years ago, that it was possible to use an electric current on human tissue in order to stop the flow of blood. This is known as electrosurgery. It is generally used to coagulate, cut, fulgurate or burn tissue and is a staple in surgery today.

Electrosurgery is only made possible thanks to the correct tools. These tools allow the physicians to cut and burn the tissue simultaneously, thereby significantly decreasing the risk of bleeding and allowing a surgeon the ability to complete their surgery. It is now possible to purchase used equipment which allows surgeons to perform electrosurgery. These pieces of equipment are much less expensive than they would be if they were purchased brand new, and yet work exactly the same as the newer versions do.

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