Examining the Exam Table

Do you ever think about how important an exam table is when you visit the doctor? Most of us don’t. We go in, sit on the edge of the table, and have our exam. The truth is, however, that there are a variety of different types of exam tables, and each one of them is very important to the doctors office. If you have a table that is falling apart, or one that does not provide the correct type of support, you will have a patient who is uncomfortable or who could possibly be injured while they are at your facility.

The first thing to figure out when you’re shopping for exam tables is what type of table you’re looking for. Some offices need to have the classic table that lays flat, which is ideal for almost any internal check by the physician. Others, however, enjoy having a table that can move into a sitting position – quite often chiropractors offices use these types of exam tables for their initial consultant. Once you’ve pegged which exam table would work best for you, make sure you shop around. You can find many used exam tables which would likely suit your needs perfectly.

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